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COMING SOON: April 2018

The Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management (White Paper)
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NEW YORK: Modern Enterprise Risk Management
May 22-23, 2018
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TORONTO: International
Model Risk Management
June 2-4, 2015
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The global financial crisis revealed the need for a paradigm shift in risk management practices:  
  • Most economic capital models systematically underestimate risk because they do not adequately incorporate the contribution to risk from the rare "black swan" events – evidenced by the fact that the "one in a hundred year" events occur every 10-15 years.
  • Most risk models rely exclusively on historical data. As a result, they do not accurately reflect the firm's risk profile when the risk profile changes.
    • These models cannot be used to update the risk profile with "soft data" and/or "expert opinion" in an objective, transparent and theoretically valid manner.
  • Biased models create "risk-reward arbitrage" opportunities, allowing unethical managers to deliberately engage in high-risk activities while appearing to operate within stakeholder risk tolerances (principal-agent risk).
  • Because performance is generally benchmarked against peers, irresponsible behavior at one organization can lead to a "follow the herd mentality" and cause an industry trend (i.e., systemic risk).
  • The language of risk management has become too complex for most senior executives to validate the business assumptions underlying their company's risk models.
Consequently, adopting Modern Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methods has become a strategic imperative for every major corporation and its stakeholders.  
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